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New Job Numbers Point to Need for INCOMEASSURE®

Published: Feb 22, 2017


By Angela Zapke (Patch Poster) - February 22, 2017 2:48 pm ET

IncomeAssure is a form of supplemental unemployment insurance. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits rose last week to a seasonally adjusted 239,000, the Labor Department reported Thursday. The four-week average was also up, rising to 245,250.

“Jobless claims are a proxy for layoffs,” explained David Sterling, whose company, SterlingRisk, is one of the nation’s top independent brokerage firms. “More than 2 million Americans are laid off, filing for unemployment checks, and discovering that state unemployment benefits alone barely cover necessities. Had these men and women known about IncomeAssure, they could be receiving up to HALF their former weekly salaries.”

IncomeAssure is a form of supplemental unemployment insurance that is available in all states except Hawaii and Alaska. Combined with state unemployment benefits, it provides up to 50% of former weekly salary when an individual is involuntarily unemployed.

Sterling, whose company administers IncomeAssure, explains, “Today’s professional requires a financial cushion that realistically reflects one’s salary, and that’s what IncomeAssure delivers.”

Rather than a capped state unemployment benefit, which can be less than $265 a week, IncomeAssure insures you for up to half of your former weekly salary. It allows policyholders to maintain their current lifestyle and pay their bills while unemployed — including such major household expenses as mortgage payments, hospital bills, and college tuition.

“In addition to this week’s first-time unemployment filers, more than 20 million Americans are not counted because they have been out of work too long or are working part-time when they would prefer more hours,” concludes Sterling. “Unemployment and under-employment are on the rise. That’s why it’s so important to look into IncomeAssure now, while you’re still employed.”

IncomeAssure is the first and only direct-to-consumer supplemental unemployment insurance product available that allows families to meet critical payments and living expenses when a primary wage earner becomes unemployed.

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